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Finals Season Playlist

Today is the last day of classes here, meaning that it is also the beginning of the dreaded semi-annual Finals Season. Sitting in one spot studying all day can (will) get boring, and I always find it helpful to take quick breaks. One of my favourite ways to quickly refresh and refocus is to have a three-minute dance break. Not just shoulder booping but dance-like-nobody’s-watching-break-it-down-type dancing. Even if you’re not a fan of dancing just moving your body can help you regain focus when you’re getting antsy. Here are five songs that I’ve been jamming out to lately (click the photo for the Youtube link):

Boderline (1)

Boderline (2)

Boderline (4)

Boderline (3)


There are some of my current jams. Dance on friends and good luck with finals!

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁



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