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Eco-Friendly Cafeteria Tips

Happy Friday! The cafeteria in my residence building recently started a new program where they offer reusable takeout containers; and it has got me thinking about other things I can do to be more earth friendly when eating in the caf. Here are my tips:

Tip One: Bring your own containers for on-the-go meals. Or if your caf offers reusable takeout containers like mine does, that’s even better! Either one reduces the amount of single use takeout boxes going to landfills.


Tip Two: Avoid straws and plastic cutlery. Whenever possible, use metal cutlery offered in the caf or bring your own for takeout. Try to avoid plastic straws- either go without or invest in a reusable one!


Tip Three: Choose vegetarian or vegan options when possible. Meals without meat use less water and other resources and create fewer carbon emissions. Check out this TedTalk about going vegetarian on weekdays.


Tip Four: Ask if there are local ingredients used in your caf. My caf uses local and in-season vegetables as well as meat from a near-by farmer. We also have a market every week where students can purchase locally grown produce! To learn more about local eating check out the 100 Mile Diet, and awesome Canadian book that I highly recommend!


Tip Five: Avoid food waste. Split a meal with a friend or pack up leftovers in a reusable container. By throwing away less, you are not only helping reduce waste but you’ll be more appreciative of your access to safe, healthy food (many people in the world lack this privilege).


Those are my tips for eating in a more earth-conscious way in your cafeteria. Have a great weekend,

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁



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