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What I’ve Been… (Part 8)


It’s only a few days into February and I’m already wondering how time has moved so quickly so far this year! I can’t believe January is already over, so here’s a look back on what I got up to this month. Here’s what I’ve been…

Listening to: 21 Days by Scott Helman. This song was only just released but it’s already on repeat for me. I listened to Scott Helman a lot in the summer and am excited for more new music!


Eating… Lara Bites. They’re made with the same (healthy) ingredients as Larabars and make a really good late night sweet snack!

So good

Watching… Riverdale, a new show by CW Network but is also available on Netflix. Think Pretty Little Liars meets Glee (minus the singing) with the characters from the classic Archie Comics.


Doing… Prepping for midterm season that starts on Tuesday for me! I have a crazy two weeks of midterms and assignments and then it’s Reading Week.


An that’s what I’ve been up to this month! Happy Saturday everyone,

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁





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