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Heels are Overrated: The Casual Girl’s Winter Formal Look

Happy Saturday!

Last weekend was my school’s winter formal/ball/fancy occasion. While last year I wore my prom dress and heels, this year I went for a more casual-yet-classy ensemble. Here’s the look:

Me (on the left) and Molly! 

I started by choosing a short black dress from Nordstrom that could be worn again in a variety of settings (from business to formal to casual). With a black dress accessories can be any colour you want! I then thought about the pieces I already had: these extremely comfy and affordable flats from Payless (for dancing in comfort) and a statement necklace from Old Navy (bought last summer on clearance). The splurge of the outfit was the shiny gold Ted Baker purse that can definitely be worn again with a variety of outfits. I was quite happy with how well the outfit matched, especially considering I didn’t put it all together until the night of the ball. I can see this outfit becoming a go-to for a variety of events and occasions! This year’s ball was a great time before the semester gets too stressful with midterms!

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁

The whole squad.

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