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What I’ve Been (Part 7)

Happy December (what??)!! This semester has gone by super fast and it’s almost time for exams to start. Here’s what I’ve been getting up to this week:

Eating: The food of the gods (aka these amazing chocolates):

Image result for brooksides

Listening to: Dark Star by Jaymes Young. Perfect chill study music!

Image result for dark star jaymes young

Watching: Stranger Things- highly recommend!

Image result for stranger things

Reading: Harry Potter (from the beginning because I’ve never actually read them).
“Yer a wizard Harry”


Doing: Finishing assignments and mentally preparing myself for exams to start.

Image result for study tumblr gif
I certainly do not. 

That’s “What I’ve Been” up to this week, what about you?

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁



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