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Five Things to Remember to Do this Week

Make someone smile: It’s as easy as giving someone a compliment or writing them a text message letting them know you’re thinking about them.


Check in with your goals: Goal setting is super important, and now that the semester is wrapping up and finals are approaching it’s important to look back at what you originally wanted to accomplish this semester or this year. What were your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions, what was on your semesters bucket list? Did you accomplish them? If not, there is still time to make small changes in your life to meet your goals.


Take care of YOU: Finals season is stressful and taking care of yourself should be priority number one. Remember: self care isn’t selfish.


Call home: Whether it be a quick update on each other’s lives or a three hour phone call about anything and everything, calling your friends or family back home can make you feel refreshed, less homesick, and can offer a new perspective on things you’ve been thinking about.


Do something fun: Ideas include starting a new Netflix series, going out for dinner with friends, having a board game night, or playing outside in the snow (or leaves, depending on your location).


-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁


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