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What I Ate This Week- Tryna Be Healthy


Happy Friday!

This week I decided to try to eat ‘healthy’ and photograph my meals from the caf in my residence. Take a look at what I chose over the week:

Pretty healthy start to the week with a salad and vegan curry. 
Cookies + Tea + Book = Good Evening 
This lunch was a spinach salad with tuna and chickpeas, dinner was a grilled chicken sandwich 
Not the healthiest day but the brie sandwich was great
Korean food for lunch (“bip bam bop”= mixed rice)! 

My Healthy Eating Tips:

  • Visit the salad bar for sides like fruit and DIY salads
  • Try new things! You may be surprised what you end up liking
  • If there’s a station where you get to pick your ingredients try to get lots of veggies and healthy proteins (Tuesday’s dinner was a make your own pasta bar so I got whole wheat penne, broccoli, and ground chicken)
  • Soup can make a great light lunch option
  • Whole fruit and nuts/granola make great snacks for between classes/meals
  • Make sure to get some protein at breakfast so you aren’t hungry an hour into your three hour morning class (trust me- I’ve been there)

Those are my healthy eating tips and meal ideas! Now time to eat an entire bag of caramel popcorn because #TGIF!

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁

Trying to eat healthy like… 

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