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Busy University Student Essentials

I am a university student who happens to be involved in a variety of clubs and activities in addition to academics. This keeps me busy and I often find myself running (fast walking) around campus. I have come to rely on my curated collection of items that help me handle my busy life. Here are my top 5 busy day essentials:

  1. S’well Water Bottle– Because hydration is very important to feeling your best, and bottled water is just plain bad. I have this bottle, and it keeps my water cold all day!
  2. Noise cancelling headphones– for when you manage to find 37 minutes to sit down and do some work, but you’re in the middle of the caf during lunch rush. I take what I can get and use these headphones to listen to music or just tune out the world. Bonus: also great for wearing to the gym and getting in the groove.
  3. Planner– whether it be a beautiful, colourful, 300 page daily planner, a wall calendar, or an app on your phone, this is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT tool for staying on top of things. I use this simple one and these pens for colour coding and they work for me.
  4. Laptop– Probably the most important investment you will make before starting university. Go for something light and portable but powerful enough for what you need. I have a Macbook Pro and love the reliability, battery life, and small size (compared to the old, giant, battery eating PC I used in high school).
  5. Backpack– People use a wide variety of bags to carry around their things in university. I’ve seen fashionable purses, giant hiking backpacks, and even one guy carrying his books around in a grocery bag! Whatever you choose, make sure it is big enough for what you need and sturdy enough to handle your busy lifestyle. I use this backpack and it’s great! Pro tip: if your style of backpack is as popular as mine, put some sort of patch, keychain, or sticker on it so that during exams you can identify it in a sea of bags at the front of the exam room.
When you got class til 2:30 but a meeting at 2:35 and also need to pick up a book from the library at 2:33

Here are my tips, now go forth and run (around) your campus!

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁



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