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Tips for Starting the School Year Off Right

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My first official day of second year classes starts tomorrow and I’m excited/nervous! Having learned from first year, I have gathered a few tips for starting the school year off an a good foot:

1. Get involved– At the beginning of the year is when clubs recruit new members and applications for leadership positions come out. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! Join clubs, apply for executive positions, sit on councils, go to events! You will thank yourself in January when you’re applying for summer jobs and your resume is on point.

“Join my club plz!” 

2. Talk to the people in your classes– You’ll have some new friends, study buddies, and someone to team up with for group projects!

3. Set goals– Decide what marks you want to have, the person you want to be, or the things you want to accomplish by the end of the semester. Write down your goals (big or small) and hang them somewhere to remind you of what you’re working for!

My goals for the year– hanging above my desk!

4. Don’t slack off– This one is pretty obvious; but in case you’re still not convinced: Reading 12 chapters is a lot easier to do over the course of 12 weeks rather than the night before the exam.

5. Get on good terms with your profs– Answer questions, participate in discussions, talk to them after class, go to their office hours. True story: I participated in every tutorial of my Film Studies class last year and one day went to my prof after a lecture to ask him a few questions about the upcoming midterm. We talked for an hour and he gave me a lot of details that helped me know what to focus my studying on—it pays off!

Hope these tips help, good luck with school everyone!

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁


2 thoughts on “Tips for Starting the School Year Off Right

  1. Absolutely love these tips and I agree with all of them! Getting back into your groove at school is tough, but that faster you do it, the easier your life will be!


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