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Dorm Room Essentials

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Move in day at my university is just under a month away, and I am starting to get ready for moving back to school. Here is my list of 10 things that I was glad I brought to university:

Vacuum – Not very exciting but very necessary. In my residence, we were responsible for cleaning our rooms and there was only one vacuum available to borrow from the front desk. Having my own tiny vacuum meant I could easily tidy up whenever I needed to (usually once a week).

Command hooks – I used them to hang my hand towel by the sink, to organize my jackets, purses, belts and scarves in my closet, and to hang decorations and Christmas lights. There are so many types and they always come off without chipping the paint.

Green painters tape– This was not technically allowed in our residence but I used it to hang posters and other décor, and it came off easily after 8 months.

REAL dishes and cutlery– I had two porcelain bowls, a few forks and spoons, and a kitchen knife, which came in handy when I wanted to eat a meal or snack in my room. I also had a couple mugs that I used for making tea and hot chocolate.

Single toothbrush holder– I had a sink in my room, but it didn’t have a lot of counter space. I luckily found a single toothbrush holder  over the summer and brought it with me to residence. It takes up hardly any space and is more sanitary than leaving it on the counter.

Ethernet cable and adapter– We had wireless internet, but it didn’t work about 25% of the time, and those times always seemed to fall on the nights assignments were due. I brought a ten foot long Ethernet cord which sounds ridiculous (and it was) but it reached from my desk (where the plug was) to my bed, and basically to every corner of my room.

Dry erase wall calendar– I didn’t bring this with me to residence, but we were given them at move in and it was very helpful. Having a monthly calendar hanging up beside my desk was a great way to schedule commitments and plan my time.

Noise cancelling headphones– Great for listening to music while studying, basically a fashion accessory around exam time.

Bluetooth speaker – For floor events when we needed music and just a phone speaker wasn’t going to do it. You can also hook it up to your laptop for movie nights.

Britta pitcher/reusable water bottle– We had sinks in our rooms with drinkable water but it wasn’t very cold, so I would fill a Britta pitcher and put it in my mini-fridge. I also brought a reusable water bottle with me everywhere (I didn’t buy a single plastic water bottle all year).

Those are my university essentials, but of course they are different depending on the person, residence, and university! What are your uni life essentials?

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁





2 thoughts on “Dorm Room Essentials

  1. Excuse me, Command Hooks are NOT allowed in Clare Hall! I’m pretty sure we’d prefer painters tape (I use it too! It’s great because it doesn’t unstick even with the changing humidity/temperature of residence walls)! Really – You never bought vitamin water? And aside from me being an RA/ picky, your list is fabulous. I hope everyone brings headphones as I know how easily sound travels! How did I not know you had a vacuum? I’m coming to you next year… My swiffer doesn’t quite cut it. Hopefully you get better wifi connection next year. It definitely depends on the room location as I never had a problem last year. OH and, I think you should bring a bean bag chair so I can sleepover in your room 🙂


    1. I thought the only thing allowed was the little sticky things from front desk?? Oh well I can’t give up my love of command hooks, please don’t report me ❤ and how do you expect to sleep on a bean bag chair?


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