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What I’ve Been… (Part Four)

It has been a crazy few weeks in my life. Or, I guess, weekends. My weeks are pretty consistent with work but I have spent the last three weekends doing exciting things. Here’s what I’ve been…

Doing… Three weekends ago I went to Grand Bend with some of my high school friends. We stayed in a cottage and had bonfires, a beach day, and lots of fun! The next weekend I went to Montreal with my parents and we explored the old town, downtown, and the university districts. We had some great food and visited lots of cute shops and interesting museums. And this past weekend my friends from university came to Guelph. Three of them slept over and two came for the day. All six of us piled into a car (I was the driver) and headed to the Elora Quarry for a beach day and adventure in the cute town. July was an awesome month filled with fun and friends! 🙂

Eating…. Continuing on about the summer adventures I’ve been having, I have also had a lot of picnics recently. Okay well three picnics, but still. There was the Zero Waste picnic, the Grand Bend beach day picnic, and the one we brought with us to Elora. I love food + being outside, so picnics = awesome.

Listening to… When I was in grade 12 I started listening to Ben Howard’s album Every Kingdom in the hopes that in the future when I hear it I would think about that time in my life. It worked and because I tend to listed to the same playlist or album over and over again for a period of time, I have a lot of a memories attached to certain music. This summer I have been listening to the Imagine Dragon’s album Smoke and Mirrors and I’m thinking the same thing is happening again. No complaints though because the album is great. I recommend staring with the songs Polaroid, Trouble, and It Comes Back to You, then exploring the rest of the album.

Thinking about… The new school year: classes, textbooks, projects, extra-curriculars, fun things to do, move in, dorm décor, … I am excited for it all (except maybe midterm season).

That’s what I’ve been up to these past weeks, what about you?

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁


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