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I took 10,000 steps every day for a month

Since purchasing my Fitbit Flex on June 12, 2016 and setting my step goal to 10,000 per day, I have yet to miss a day of reaching this goal.

Taken from my Fitbit app, the green bars are the days where I’ve met my step goal


Why 10,000? Fitbit recommends this as a step goal, as do many others, because it equals about 30 minutes of physical exercise each day. And as someone who isn’t super into working out (I am generally active but don’t go to the gym, unless you count the treadmill in my basement) I thought this would be a good thing to stride for.

Why It Was Easy:

  • I walk 15 minutes to and from work each day
  • My cubicle is on the opposite side of a huge building from my co-workers, the photocopier, and the mail room (#SummerStudentProblems), meaning I have many opportunities to walk
  • My workplace encourages people to get up and move around throughout the day, so it is not uncommon to see people taking laps around the building at lunch or break times
  • I often take my dog on walks after work
  • We have a treadmill for rainy days
  • While I hate running, I actually don’t mind walking, especially when the weather is nice

Times It Was Hard:

  • Lazy weekends when I had no where to be so I was at 2,000 steps at 5pm (Solved by taking the dog for a long evening walk)
  • Bad weather
  • Days I got a ride to work and had to make up these steps somewhere else
  • Travel days/sitting days (I would go for a walk in the morning to make up for stationary periods later on such as driving to the cottage)

Lessons Learned:

  • For me, taking 10,000 steps per day is not too difficult (There were days where I would hit 10k before leaving work)
  • Having a goal and a Fitbit to remind me of that goal were very motivating for the lazier days
  • Walks can be made more interesting by playing Pokémon Go (not even joking)
  • Taking more steps didn’t necessarily make me feel any better on a daily basis, but I wasn’t going from a completely stationary lifestyle so this may be different for others

I’m hoping that I will be able to keep up this goal in the new school year, when my days won’t be as routine as they currently are. That will be a whole new challenge! I encourage you to try to fit in a few extra steps in your day and see if/how it changes your life!

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁


4 thoughts on “I took 10,000 steps every day for a month

  1. Try being at 200 by 5pm… Solved because of work! I’m in shock that 10 000 is only equal to 30 minutes of exercise. Whoever established that relationship thinks I have a short stride and can run very fast. I walk 3.3 km (each way) x2 (Totals 25 minutes per way/ 50 total) and only get 6000 steps.

    I really liked your suggestions as to how I can get more steps. I don’t love running either as it doesn’t come naturally to me, but you make 10 000 seem doable. I wish swimming counted as “steps”. You have some very intense walking days by the looks of the “month at a glance”. Great job! What is your next goal? 8 cups of water 🙂


    1. I know right!? For me 10,000 steps is 50 minutes of walking! And I used to track my water drinking but its hard to account for tea, coffee, and other drinks so I just try finish 3 refills of my reusable water bottle per day (approximately the recommended daily intake).


  2. And what – you got Pokemon Go? I thought it was only in the states. Can’t wait for a post on that! I still don’t really get the game? #ThereGoesEveryonsData


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