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What I’ve Been… (Part One)

I’ve decided to create a new segment of this blog called “What I’ve Been…”. It will be a quick weekly update about what I’ve been doing, seeing, eating, drinking, buying, using, wearing, thinking about, the list goes on! Here are a few things I’ve been up to this past week:

What I’ve been doing… Two weekends ago I made a bit of an impulse purchase and bought myself a Fitbit Flex (on sale I may add). It tracks my steps and sleep, and I’ve made it my personal goal to take 10,000 steps per day. So far, so good. Expect more posts about this device and goal soon.


What I’ve been eating… This past Sunday I went to my cousin’s bridal shower, and there was a cookie/candy/homemade treat buffet, so I of course brought home a box of delectable goodies. My favourite treat is the cookie dough truffle that my cousin’s friend made. I assume they followed a recipe similar to this one if you’d like to make these treats for yourself!


What I’ve been watching… I have always loved DIY videos and have recently gotten back into watching them on YouTube. My favourite DIY YouTube channels are LaurDIY (the beauty guru of YouTube DIY) and ThreadBanger (this channel is more… humorous…) check them out!


What I’ve been wearing… Summer is in full swing and I have been out in the sun a lot. It’s important to protect yourself from UV rays, and while I don’t always wear sunscreen, I have been using this moisturizer every morning, and it has an SPF of 15, so it not only smells great and makes my skin really soft, but it protects it from the sun too!

2014-10-06 00.51.45What I’ve been thinking about… I’ve always been a planner, and with summer being almost halfway over (!!!), I’ve taken to planning the things that I’m going to be doing in the rest of my time off. I work weekdays 9-5, so I have every weekend off, leaving that time for cottage trips, camping, and lots of fun. Stay tuned for posts about my upcoming adventures!


-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been… (Part One)

  1. I’ll admit I haven’t been applying enough sunscreen this summer (I hate the feeling…) either. I always think it’s a good idea when make-up/lotions add sun protection to their products (one less step!). I am excited for more “What I’ve Been…” posts! I hope more summer adventures feature Me! Keep another weekend open / make time (please) for Waterfall exploring or coming swimming/exploring downtown Oakville (you’ll love it).


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