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Exploring Downtown Guelph

I spent this past Saturday catching up with two of my friends from university and exploring Guelph. Our original plan was to go canoeing on the Speed River, but unfortunately the water levels were too low for that. We were not disheartened however and decided to go for a walk instead. We went to The Covered Bridge and enjoyed the awesome views of the river.

After our walk we went to a favourite restaurant in Downtown Guelph- The Works. We enjoyed gourmet burgers (mine had bacon, gouda, caramelized onions AND an onion ring on it!) as well as fries/poutine.

This burger + poutine combo was AMAZING

After lunch we walked around the cute shops downtown including the Dutch Toko, a specialty food/Dutch themed shop, Coriander, an adorable boutique with home décor, stationary, clothing, and children’s toys;  , and The Bookshelf, a bookstore, café, and cinema.

The Dutch Toko has Dutch candies, cookies, decor, groceries and much more!
Coriander had an adorable little display of books wrapped in paper with a description so you can’t ‘judge a book by its cover’

We then made our way to Market Square, which is my personal favourite part of Downtown Guelph. It includes the old and new city halls, a splash pad/skating rink combo (depending on the season) and cute restaurants and shops. We stopped at Sweet, which is a candy shop and ice cream parlour, for a cool treat after being out in the sun.

It was a great day spent visiting some of my favourite spots in Guelph and sharing them with my new friends. I encourage you to explore your downtown or just your city in general, make a whole day of it! It’s awesome to support local businesses and you never know what treasures you’ll find and what memories you’ll make!

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁

(Photos taken by Molly Schoo, who you can check out at The Happiness Recipe)



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