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Summer DIY: Mini Cacti


I’ve been seeing a lot of cactus-themed DIYs on Pinterest lately, and decided to give this one a try! It basically involves painting little stones to look like cacti, and putting them into pots: great for people who aren’t great at crafting AND can’t keep plants alive (AKA me).

Here’s what you need and how to make it happen:



Step One: You can either use rocks or peanuts (sounds strange but they have a good cactus-like texture) as your mini cacti, and all you need to do is paint them green.


Step Two: While you wait for them to dry, you can fill the pots. I used a glittery, brownish coloured mix I found at the dollar store, as well as mini terra cotta pots.


Step Three: Once the green paint is dry, paint cactus designs on them. I had to look at a photo of another version of this DIY to figure out what type of design to use. It was during this step that I decided to use the stones instead of the peanuts because they had a smoother painting surface.


Step Four: Once they’re dry, stick them in the pots and you’re done!


This was a very simple and fun DIY, perfect for those that like to craft but aren’t that great at it (me). Hope everyone is having a craft-astic weekend,

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁


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