Holidays & Special Occasions

Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s Day was today, Sunday May 8th, and we had a fun and relaxing day. My mom is an amazingly smart, dedicated, and strong woman who I deeply admire. To honour her day, my sister and I cooked dinner for my parents and grandmother. The menu was vegetarian themed (my mom has been vegetarian for as long as we can remember) and included:

Appetizer: Spinach salad with goat’s cheese, strawberries, and slivered almonds


Entrée: Mushroom and asparagus quiche served with potato salad and honey-Dijon carrots


Dessert: Angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream (this was the dessert at my parent’s wedding)

The meal was simple and delicious, and although we needed some help along the way, my mom did have a relaxing Mother’s Day. I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend and Mother’s Day,

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁


One thought on “Mother’s Day 2016

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! You were very thoughtful to cook your parents dinner and the idea of replicating their wedding dessert was so creative.


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