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My Summer Bucketlist

Summer vacation has always represented a new beginning. In those early days of summer, with two months of freedom in front of us, anything seemed possible. I remember the summers I had growing up: back yard barbecues, weekends at the cottage, running around the neighbourhood playing ‘man hunt’ and ‘kick the bucket’ until the streetlights came on.

Now, summer means having (my first) full time job, working in an office from 9-5 Monday to Friday, and my friends being in all corners of the globe (Ottawa, California, Germany!!). Alas, summer vacation has changed it’s tune but here I am, on the cusp of four months of ‘freedom’, making plans for the adventures to come. Here is my 2016 Summer Bucket List, aka 10 things I want to do before school starts again in the fall:

  1. Explore (around my town or a whole new place)
  2. Visit my university friends who live both near and far
  3. Try new recipes/Cook for myself (I missed having a kitchen when I was living in res)
  4. Watch lots of movies!
  5. Read books (now that I finally have the time)
  6. Take Riley (the dog) on walks, hikes, and bike rides and help him lose his ‘spare tire’
  7. Try new crafts and DIYs
  8. Save money and find ways to have fun without spending lots of $$$
  9. Get rid of my mid-calf tan lines #embarrassing
  10. Find some time to relax and unwind before school starts again in the fall

Here’s to sunshine, flip flops, and new beginnings. What’s on your Summer Bucket List?




6 thoughts on “My Summer Bucketlist

  1. Despite having to work, I think you’ll find the 4 months more enjoyable than the 2 month high school summers off. Looks like you have a great balance between functional and fun. I hope I can join in on #1,2,3 and I look forward to good book and recommendations. Have you read “You Before Me” by Jojo Moyers? Great book to start with!


    1. We should definitely cook/bake together! And I’ve been thinking about reading that book, I’ve seen the movie trailer and it seems really good!


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