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Top 10 Ways to Take a Break

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Finals are still happening, and while it is important to study, it is also important to take a break every know and then. Here are my favourite ways to take a study break:

1. Do a colouring page- you can find fun quote colouring pages here

2. Step away from your workstation and make a cup of tea

Making a hot cup of tea can be a welcome distraction

3. Watch this video of animal voiceovers created by BBC

4. Do some yoga (even a five minute session can help you feel refreshed)


Team up with some friends to find your inner yogis!

5. If you’re feeling tired, take a quick nap to feel more awake

6. Text a friend, or even go visit them and have a chat (about non-school-related things)


Friends + Emojis = Quick brain break

7. Dance (like nobodies watching) to your favourite song

8. Have a brain boosting snack


FullSizeRender 2
Veggies and hummus are an awesome study snack

9. Take a hot bath (or shower for those of us in residence)

10. Go outside, take a walk, and enjoy nature


Explore a new place and get outside

And those are my favourite ways to take a study break! Good luck with exams everyone, and remember: self care isn’t selfish!

-Lauren ✌︎❤︎❁


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